Ubiquitin & Friends Symposium

Thursday, 14 May 2020

09.45-10.00 Opening Remarks

Session 1 Protein Quality Control
10.00-10.30          ALEX STEIN, University of Göttingen
                            Retrotranslocation by E3 ligases in ER associated protein degradation
10.30-10.40          LAURA GALLEGO, Max Perutz Labs
                            Phase separation directs ubiquitination of gene body nucleosomes
10.40-10.50          MICHAL SHARON, Weizmann Institute of Science
                            20S proteasomes exported by the malaria parasite promote its growth
10.50-11.00          ADAN PINTO-FERNANDEZ, University of Oxford
                            Deletion of the deISGylating enzyme USP18 enhances tumour cell antigenicity
                            and radiosensitivity

11.00-11.30          PEDRO CARVALHO, University of Oxford
                            Mechanisms of membrane protein quality control
11.30-12.00 Break
12.00-12.10          VALENTINA FAJNER, IFOM
                            The ubiquitin ligase Hecw controls oogenesis and neuronal homeostasis by modulating
                            phase transition of ribonucleoprotein parti

12.10-12.20          GWENAËL RABUT, Institute of Genetics and Development of Rennes
                            Sensitive detection of protein ubiquitylation using a protein-Fragment
                            complementation assay

12.20-12.30          DAVID TEIS, Institute of Cell Biology, Biocenter, Medical University Innsbruck
                            Endosome and Golgi-associated degradation (EGAD) of Membrane
                            proteins regulates sphingolipid metabolism

12.30-13.00          CLAUDIO JOAZEIRO, ZMBH, University of Heidelberg
                            RQC: 10 years of research and 4 billion years of Evolution

13.00                    Voting for the best Short Talk in Session 1

13.00-13.30          Meeting the Speakers (pre-sign-up required)
-> ALEX STEIN, Host: Elif Karagoz
-> PEDRO CARVALHO, Host: Harald Hornegger
-> CLAUDIO JOAZEIRO, Host: Aleksandra Anisimova

Session 2 – De/Ubiquitination Mechanisms
16.00-16.30         TITIA SIXMA, Netherlands Cancer Institute
                           Allosteric regulation of DUBs
16.30-16.40         RASHMI AGRATA, National Centre for Biological Sciences, TIFR
                           UBC13 deamidation by Shigella flexneri disrupts its native and
                           transient interactions with TRAF6 to impair ubiquitination

16.40-16.50         MICHAEL GLICKMAN, Technion-IIT
                           The curious case of a protein that targets Ubiquitin for degradation
16.50-17.00         JIALE DU, UMass-Amherst
                           Interrogating the Selectivity of Proteasome Associated Deubiquitinase UCH37
17.00-17.30         SONJA LORENZ, University of Wuerzburg
                           Structural mechanisms regulating ubiquitin-conjugating enzymes
17.30-18.00 Break
18.00-18.10         ANNE CLANCY, Institute of Translational Medicine, Unversity of Liverpool
                           The deubiquitylase USP9X controls ribosomal stalling
18.10-18.20         JONATHAN PRUNEDA, Oregon Health & Science University
                           Identification and characterization of diverse OTU deubiquitinases in bacteria
18.20-18.30         SEBASTIAN GLATT, Max Planck Research Group, MCB/Jagiellonian University
                           Molecular basis for the bifunctional Uba4-Urm1 sulfur relay system
                           in tRNA thiolation and ubiquitin-like conjugation
18.30-19.00         CYNTHIA WOLBERGER, The John Hopkins University
                           Cross-talk between histone ubiquitination and methylation

19.00                   Voting for the best Short Talk in Session 2

19.00-19.30         Meeting the Speakers (pre-sign-up required)
->TITIA SIXMA, Host: Nikolett Pahor 
->SONJA LORENZ, Host: Antonia Vogel 

Friday, 15 May 2020

Session 3 – Ubiquitin Signaling
10.00-10.30          PETRA BELI, Institute of Molecular Biology, Germany
                            Ubiquitin signaling in protein quality control
10.30-10.40          PABLO ALCON, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
                            FANCD2–FANCI is a clamp stabilized on DNA by monoubiquitination
                            of FANCD2 during DNA repair

10.40-10.50          ESMEE VRINGER, CRUK Beatson Institute
                            Mitochondrial ubiquitination as an inflammatory signalling platform
                            during cell death

10.50-11.00          FRANCISCO BUSTOS, University of Dundee
                            Disruption of phosphorylation and ubiquitylation signaling in
                            human neurodevelopmental disorders

11.00-11.15          VLADIMIR MAZUROV, GenScript Biotech, NL
                            Synthetic Biology Tools and Approaches: from Artificial Genes
                            to Protein Engineering

11.15-11.30          SASCHA MARTENS, Max Perutz Lab
                            Keystone Meeting 2021 in Vienna “Targeted Protein Degradation”
11.30-12.00 Break
12.00-12.30          ANNE BERTOLOTTI, MRC-LMB, Cambridge
                            Harnessing protein quality control for therapeutic benefit
12.30-12.40          MATIAS CAPELLA, Biomedical Center, LMU
                            SUMO regulates the nucleolar organization upon ribosomal
                            DNA damage to maintain genome stability

12.40-12.50          REBEKKA SCHAIRER, Department of Biochemistry, University of Lausanne
                            Allosteric activation of MALT1 by its ubiquitin-binding Ig3 domain
12.50-13.00          ANNA STIER, ETH Zürich
                            Phosphorylation of the E3 ubiquitin ligase CUL4B regulates
                            actin cytoskeletal dynamics during mitosis

13.00                    Voting for the best Short Talk in Session 3

13.00-13.30          Meeting the Speakers (pre-sign-up required)
->PETRA BELI, Host: Michaela Reissland
->ANNE BERTOLOTTI, Host: Jonas Duering

Session 4 – Autophagy & Endomembrane Trafficking in Quality Control
15.00-15.30         FELIX RANDOW, MRC-LMB, Cambridge
                           When bacteria invade the host cytosol: The role of ubiquitin and autophagy
15.30-15.40         DOROTEA FRACCHIOLLA, Max Perutz Labs
                           A PI3K-WIPI2 positive feedback loop activates LC3 lipidation in autophagy
15.40-15.50         MANUEL S RODRIGUEZ, ITAV-CNRS
                           Proteaphagy regulates UPS-ALS crosstalk under proteasome
                           inhibition conditions in Mantle Cell Lymphoma cells

15.50-16.00         LORENZO PICCHIANTI, IMP - GMI
                           A cross-kingdom conserved ER-phagy receptor maintains
                           endoplasmic reticulum homeostasis during stress

16.00-16.30         RICHARD MARSHALL, University of Washington
                           Autophagic degradation of the 26S proteasome is mediated
                           by multiple Ubiquitylation and aggregation Events
16.30-17.00 Break
17.00-17.10         DAVID SHAPIRA, Newcastle University, Biosciences Institute
                           The INO80 ATP-dependent chromatin remodeller promotes
                           selective autophagy under metabolic stress condition

17.10-17.20         RICHA SARDANA, Cornell University
                           Rsp5 Ubiquitin ligase-mediated quality control checkpoints protect
                           yeast from proteotoxic stress
17.20-17.30         AVITAL EISENBERG-LERNER, Weizmann Institute of Science
                           Golgi Apparatus Related Degradation (GARD) Regultes the Golgi-stress Response

17.30                   Voting for the best Short Talk in Session 4

17.30-18.00         Meeting the Speakers (pre-sign-up required)
->FELIX RANDOW, Host: Marion Clavel
->RICHARD MARSHALL, Host: Marta Garcia Leon

18.00-18.30         Podium Discussion – Publishing in 2020
                           chaired by JESSICA POLKA (ASAPBio) and CYNTHIA WOLBERGER

18.30                   Award Ceremony