Ubiquitin Research at the VBC

At the Ubiquitin Club, we are a growing group of people who are fascinated by ubiquitin and functionally related modifiers. Situated at the VBC, we have joint meetings to discuss latest findings in our groups and outside of Vienna. Progress reports and journal clubs are organized in a bi-weekly manner and typically involve an afterwards informal P-ub session. In total, we are 9 groups, corresponding to about 35 scientists, working on the following topics …

Ubiquitin in Cellular Signaling

Regulation of protein degradation by the proteasome during inflammation (Versteeg).

Mechanistic studies on high-molecular weight E3 ligases implicated in human diseases (Clausen).

Interplay between ubiquitin and autophagy cargo receptors (Martens).

Linear Ubiquitination in inflammation and cell death (Ikeda).

Amino-terminal degradation signals in plants (Bachmair).

SUMO and other prominent Ubl modifier

SUMO chain formation in plants (Bachmair).

Atg8 and Autophagy

Reconstitution of autophagosome formation (Martens).

Linear Ubiquitination in autophagy (Ikeda).

Non-canonical Ub-like signals

Role of phospho-arginine (pArg) as degradation tag (Clausen).

The Pup-proteasome system of mycobacteria (Clausen).